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 Everything she recommends is grounded in deep physiological research and tailored to your body's unique capabilities and health goals. 

Beyond her science-based approach in the gym, she's committed to building trust-based relationships that span beyond the gym's four walls. She's a great motivator, always accessible to her clients and willing to offer her informed guidance on nutrition, supplementation and other health-related questions."

I can't speak more highly of Amanda's effectiveness as a trainer.

D.A., client since 2020

I've been training with Amanda since 2014, and I could not recommend her more highly. She stays up on the latest science and techniques and always has a detailed plan for our sessions, specifically tailored to help me meet my goals. 

When I became pregnant, there was no one else I was willing to trust to keep me safe while working out." 

E.W., Client since 2014

I personally came to her at one of the lowest points of my fitness journey, but her relentless focus on data and high-yield methods made my goals feel achievable in a way I would have never been able to on my own."

amanda strikes the perfect balance of motivating, understanding & personable

M.A., Client since 2020

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